Services for Disabilities

The NAS Pensacola Blue Angels Homecoming Air Show offers various services for the disabled.


Patrons with handicapped licenses or hang tags will be directed to the appropriate area.  Shuttle buses for the parking area are handicapped accessible.


There is a section for wheelchairs only in the general viewing area (First come, first served).  A companion may sit with the wheelchair member, but we ask that large family groups not take up space that others with handicap needs would like to use. If a family wants to purchase reserved seating and needs accommodations for a wheelchair, contact us for seating reservations. A large portion of the Air Show general viewing area is on hard, flat surfaces.  Keep in mind that the Air Show covers a large amount of real estate and patrons should be prepared to traverse a significant distance in the process of getting into and out of the Air Show.


Restroom facilities for the disabled are available.

Sight Impaired

Service dogs are permitted at the Air Show.

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